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Maeloc is deeply committed to the Galician countryside where its ciders are brewed with 100% Galician apples from more than 1000 local farmers. Galician apples: Raxó, Príncipe, Peró, Rabiosa and Verdeña varieties. Our cider is made the traditional way with no added sugar from fresh apple must and not from concentrate.

Sidra Dulce Maeloc

Maeloc Sweet Cider

Maeloc is a Galician cider made entirely from organic Galician apples from 150 local farmers. Raxó, Príncipe, Peró, Rabiosa and Verdeña, varieties grown according to Agricultura Ecológica de Galicia and Galicia Calidade rules.

Sidra Seca Maeloc

Maeloc Dry Cider

Brewed according to the original Celtic cider making process.

A differten way to drink cider. The converted will enjoy a much more refreshing dry cider, while those who have still not seen the light will find a light, great tasting, original drink, perfect for the differtet occasions along their path.

Sidra Maeloc sabor Fresa Sidra Maeloc sabor Mora Sidra Maeloc sabor Pera Sidra Maeloc sabor Piña y Pera

Maeloc Flavours

The fruity touch of blackberry, pear, strawberry and pinneaple & pear, combines with the refreshment of dry cider. A totally new path that many will follow.

Try out our flavours: blackberry, pear, strawberry and pinneaple & pear.

Cider without alcohol

Maeloc Alcohol Free

Refreshing drink of apple juice. 25% JUICE. With sweetener (Stevia)

No added sugar. Contains naturally present sugars. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Sidra Natural Ecológica Maeloc

Maeloc Natural Eco

The authentic Maeloc character is reflected in this natural cider.

Handcrafted made and care in the details, everything made to be all you can expect from a cider with origin.

Sidra Extra Ecologica Maeloc

Maeloc Ecological

A journey is full of things to remember.

Maeloc has created this Ecological Extra Cider to celebrate the best of these memories as well as Mother Nature.

Sidra Vinagre de Sidra

Maeloc Cider Vinegar

Galician vinegar, made with 100% apples from more than a one hundred and fifty native growers.

Gama Maeloc en Lata de 33cl

Why cans are more
environmentally friendly?

Totally recyclable
In just 2 months a recycled can return to circulation.

Easy to chill
The little thickness of the metal facilitates the cooling and consumes less energy in doing it.

Easier to store and transport, reducing the impact on nature.

Stone Paper Label
In addition, our labels have a Cradle to Cradle certificate that guarantees the use of environmentally safe materials.

Gama LaTita Rivera

The combination of La Tita Rivera have a traditional base, but always with a unique twist.
A new way of living every time, need a new format.
The "Latitas" (little cans) are the perfect format for the good times arise spontaneously. Her designs combine a stylish retro aesthetic on a novel support. Each "Latita" is an object of worship, where the design reflects the spirit of each combined.
This is a totally innovative range, which gives another turn to traditional drinks combos that make the range are: Tinto de verano, Tinto de Verano Limón, Tinto de Verano Sin, Sangria, Blanco de Verano, Cider Shandy and Rebujito.

Tinto de Verano LaTita Rivera Tinto de Verano Limón LaTita Rivera

Tinto de Verano

Tinto de Verano: the most entertaining and spontaneous moments around La Tita and her classic Tinto de Verano are experienced in the company of close friends. This combination has conjured thousands of anecdotes; and now, with this innovative format, it is prepared so that you can create your own. Serve chilled and always surrounded by friends. As La Tita says: "good company is essential".

Tinto de Verano Limón: Rumour has it that the recipe was concocted during a scorching summer, while filming a western in Almería. La Tita organised a spontaneous party to celebrate the end of the shoot, it was so hot that she had to create a refreshing drink combination. From that day, La Tita's Tinto de Verano Limón has been present during the most entertaining holiday seasons, and now has been canned so that you can experience the same.

Tinto de Verano LaTita Rivera Tinto de Verano Limón LaTita Rivera

Sangría LaTita

Sangría: As rumour has it, the first time a foreigner pronounced "Sangruia" was while visiting La Tita. It was this word that the visitor spontaneously blurted out on sipping the drink combination. All those present were amused and decided to adopt the name. Today, you can enjoy this delightful and fruity combination at any time due to its innovative format. Along with our Tinto de Verano, they form La Tita's most classic drink combinations.

White Sangría: One of La Tita's most "Chic" combinations. Perfect for those long summer evenings. Elegant and carefree, they say that La Tita improvised it for the first time on the night of San Juan. And they also say that it keeps, within its interior, the true flavour of that magic night. Others, simply say that the taste is very good. Without doubt one, this is one of La Tita's most popular combinations.

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